The Final Solution (part 1)

Maybe taking a bit of a liberty with the wording here, but I think that there is a final answer, or solution, to the problems that we face.

Some of my friends and subscribers here are atheistic. Others agnostic. Others devoutly religious. Obviously the last group is a whole lot easier to convince of this than the other two, but bear with me for a second.

I’m really concerned about the way things are going with the world. As many of you are, I hope. I’m also concerned just as much with the reaction – or lack of it – that I see by many people in the world. I wrote about it recently. At that time I wasn’t sure which direction my grave concern was going to take. I now believe firmly that the solution is beyond all of us.

Do I mean that there’s a “Second Coming” coming? I haven’t the foggiest idea. Do I think that there’s an ultimate Judgement that we all face at the end of our life? Damn right I do.

If that’s the case, then there are some folks that are either VERY misguided, VERY ignorant, or VERY much in trouble.

Let’s take one of the most polarizing current events that one could imagine; the crisis in Benghazi that happened on September 11, 2012. Pretty much everybody “knows” what happened. A US Ambassador lost his life in one of the most horrific assaults to a person that can be imagined. Four other brave soldiers tasked with keeping him safe, or keeping security in-country, were also killed. To date, anyone involved with this issue has been coerced or intimidated into silence. The only thing we do know is that the chain of command extending all the way to the Commander-in-Chief is responsible for this atrocity for reasons as-yet unknown.

Here’s an aside: I’m assuming, rightly or no, that once we shuffle off this mortal coil and take our appointed place in next life, that there’s going to be some kind of place — and I’m anthropomorphizing like hell, so please cut me some slack — some kind of place that maybe has a big question mark on a sign out front. You can go in and say to the proprietor there, “You know, I have always wondered about X or Y.” Things like “Who really killed JFK?” or “Where IS Jimmy Hoffa buried?” Stuff like that. I want to state here for the record that I have no desire whatever to find out what happened on September 11, 2012 because if I did, I think I would be nauseatingly sick.

Back to the point of this article.

So we know that the current Administration knew something about it. Frankly, they knew a hell of a lot more than the mainstream media have mentioned. Matt Bracken mentioned that quite adroitly in this post where he mentions “cross border authority,” which is basically the President telling the troops they can go into another country. He has to grant it explicitly, or they can’t go in.

Hint: He didn’t say they could go in.

Therefore, the buck stops there. No aid for the five that were killed. No help for the five that were killed. And he had to have known about it.

I don’t feel very good about his having to stand up and explain this to Someone.

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